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The grant is carried out within the framework of the implementation of the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 9, 2010 № 220 and the Grant Agreement
№ 14.W03.31.0013

Directions of research

Area of science: Agriculture, forestry, fisheries

Direction of scientific research:
Development of modern biotechnologies for the evaluation of gene expression in connection with productivity and resistance to diseases in poultry farming.

Goals and tasks of the project:
The aim of the proposed study is the integrated development of new molecular genetic technologies for the analysis of gene expression, which play a key role in ensuring the productivity and resistance to diseases in chickens, as well as for assessing the intestinal microflora and fodder, the effect of feed additives. In accordance with the designated goal, the following tasks are set for resolution within the framework of this project:

  • To study the relationship between the expression of the productivity genes and the state of the poultry organism in the norm and against the background of an infectious disease.
  • To create modern biotechnologies for the evaluation of gene expression associated with the productivity and resistance of a bird to unfavorable factors.
  • To study relationship between pathogens, microbiocenosis of the intestine and fodder, and components of the bird's diet.
  • To develop a monitoring system for pathogens at different stages of the technological process of chicken growing and keeping.
  • To assess the effects of feed additives of various types on the intestinal microflora and the productivity of the egg production.
  • To develop a system for the prevention of bacterial pathogens in laying hens based on the use of probiotics and phytobiotics, replacing antibiotics.
  • To test the developed technologies and obtained compositions in functioning poultry farms to assess the productivity and stress resistance of the poultry.

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